Shooting B-Roll In San Francisco

Filming is underway again on our doc “In A Moment” and we just wrapped up our first round of B-Roll shooting. For those unfamiliar with that term, B-Roll is the footage you see that’s intercut with the subjects that are being interviewed. It’s often a shot of a location that is integral to that part of the story. B-Roll is a very important part of the documentary because it really helps tell the story and it also makes it so you’re not just looking at “talking heads”.

Our shoot took us all over San Francisco. We filmed some great landscapes at Twin Peaks, got shots of UCSF and SF General hospitals, and we went to Treasure Island to get a view of the city, among many other locations. While we were at Treasure Island capturing San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, it was cold and raining and the fog rolled in. The city isn’t very visible and looks closed in, I’m hoping that the shot comes out. Here’s what it looks like through my iPhone:


Shooting B-Roll is fun because it’s basically run and gun. We get to a location, setup the gear, shoot EVERYTHING, pack up and go to the next location. We had a great time (note the first picture) and we’re looking forward to our next shoot!

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