It's Thanksgiving!



The last Thursday of November is quickly approaching and hopefully you already have your day planned. While the actual accounts of what truly happened during the first Thanksgiving have been somewhat sensationalized, the holiday has kept it’s roots of giving and sharing. It’s full of family and friend’s traditions that have been passed down for generations and new traditions are made every year. This American holiday is so rich in tradition that many people from other countries vacation here this week to participate!

Sadly, there’s a force trying to tap into this tradition…Black Friday, which is now starting on Thursday. Corporate greed is killing an American holiday! But, we’ve said enough already, so instead of feeding into this monster and giving it more attention than it deserves, we have some suggestions. This Thanksgiving, after the Macy’s Parade is over and Santa has made his appearance officially starting the Christmas season, unplug and spend some quality time with your family, friends and neighbors. Don’t watch the news or scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Eat, play games…TALK! Ok, maybe watch a movie, but do it together. There are so many distractions in our lives; Thanksgiving is one day where we aren’t supposed to shop or pay attention to anything but the things we are thankful for.

Two more suggestions- use Friday as your day of rest and recovery. Don’t do anything accept maybe go for a walk to work off all the food you ate. And on Saturday, participate in Small Business Saturday. It’s a great movement that focuses solely on the people that are contributing to your local economy.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mighty Myt!

PS- Here’s a tradition you may want to steal…Eli’s traditional bacon wrapped turkey (before and after pictures up top).

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