Tis the Season...to Help People!

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I realize it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but time is of the essence here! It’s that great time of the year when people are just in a happier mood and feel more inclined to donate their time and/or money. So we’re spreading the word about one way you can spread that holiday cheer. But before we get into exactly what we’re talking about, here’s two astonishing stats-

  • There are currently 3 Million Americans living in nursing homes.

  • Approximately 50% of those Americans have no family or friends who visit them.

With this being the case a lot of Americans in nursing homes go through the holidays without anyone visiting them. Well, there’s a great organization that addresses this issue, Adopt A Senior, a non-profit organization whose mission “…is to provide gifts to as many seniors living in long-term care facilities so they are not forgotten.” Adopting a senior is very easy to do. You can just make a donation and someone will buy the gifts. And these gifts are something they really look forward to. Some want new cologne or a nice necklace; others just want basic needs like soap, deodorant, or socks.

While living in New York City, Mighty Myt’s own Eli Buck volunteered one Christmas to hand out the gifts to the seniors. He said, “Handing out those gifts was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. To see someone’s face light up over some basic needs that we take for granted reminded me what life is all about”.

If you’d like to adopt a senior, please visit this site. We’ll be donating!


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