The Animal Kingdom

We spend a lot of time talking about one species, humans. So I thought we’d take some time to talk about one of the other 60,000 animal species (vertebrae’s only) that inhabit this planet. Today, it’s a dog day.

It is estimated that there are around 85,000,000 dogs in the US, which is about 1 dog for every 3.75 people. That’s a lot of dogs. And sadly, a large number of dogs end up in animal shelters. Now, I’m not going to preach about the reasons for this, or talk about why you should adopt vs buying a dog; nope, I just want to shed some light on a great charity and dog rescue shelter in Los Angeles, Rover Rescue.

Rover Rescue is a non-profit organization that was created 13 years ago with the mission of saving as many homeless dogs as they can and finding them a happy home. As soon as they rescue a dog, they either place it in a foster home or board it until a suitable owner is found. And while they’re boarded, volunteers help care for them by walking and socializing with them. If a dog is sick or injured, it’s given proper medical attention. They’re also vaccinated and, if needed, spayed or neutered. Rover Rescue even gives the dog a makeover!

In Los Angeles alone, over 100 dogs are put to sleep EVERY DAY. That number is way too high. Please check out this great organization, educate yourself, maybe volunteer or donate, but most importantly love and care for your four-legged furry friend!

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