Kickstarted and Coming to a Close


It’s hard to believe, but we are now in our final 3 days of what has been a very successful Kickstarter campaign. We are extremely happy with all of the support we’ve gotten. Thanks to the 131 backers, to date, we’ve raised $26,274! That comes out to 150% of our original goal of $17,500, which is $8,774 more than we had hoped.

Sure we’ve passed our goal, but hopefully people don’t think that’s just money in our pockets. This extra money will only make our documentary that much better. It will help us get better camera, lighting and audio gear so the film has a fantastic look and sound. It will also pay for our trips to San Francisco for interviews, possibly Wisconsin and Sweden. The extra money raised will even help cover, arguably, some of the most important costs…post production. After all, we have to tell this story in an effective, engaging way.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to or shared our campaign. Without you, we wouldn’t be in the great position we’re in. But it’s not too late to help, so PLEASE help us! Even a dollar will us get this story told. Thanks again.

Mighty Myt.

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