Ground Breaking Television

For the longest time, the source for great TV was the big 4 stations, then it moved to HBO and Showtime and for the past few years the shows of AMC and FX have been highly praised. There’s a new medium and it’s not through your cable provider, but online. I’m referring to Netflix and Amazon. Both are offering high quality content that’s daring, engaging and the entire season is available on its first day of release. No waiting!

Amazon is producing what could be the most groundbreaking concept of all time- the Comedy/Drama “Transparent”, a show about a 70 year old transgender person living in a man’s body. This will be the first serious show where the lead character is transgender. The lead, Mort/Moira, played by Jeffrey Tambor (George Bluth Sr. on “Arrested Development”), has come to terms with the fact that they’ve been wearing a man’s costume their entire life and has decided to start living their life the way they feel comfortable, as a woman. The show’s premise deals with this transition and Moria’s family reacting to this news.

This idea is so current and relevant, it should be classified as “must see TV”. It’s been time to start accepting everyone for who they are and regardless of how good or bad this show is, it is a major milestone in how far we’ve come as a society.

Watch the entire first season of “Transparent” on Amazon Prime today!

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