In A Moment Has Been Kickstarted!

Writing that title felt GOOD! Yes, we have met our goal of $17,500 after just 13 days of campaigning. Words cannot describe how excited and overwhelmed we are by everyone’s generosity. Since we reached our goal, I thought I’d take this time to talk about some fun stats from our campaign…so far.

  • After 4 days, we were 17% funded

  • After 5 days we were 47% funded

  • At day 9, we had only moved up 1% to 48% funded

  • By day 12, we were at 71%!

  • And on day 13, lucky #13, we were at 112% funded, a 41% jump!

  • We’ve had donations ranging from $2-$5,000

  • The average donation being $291

  • We’re averaging $1,340 in donations a day!

This is a thrilling time for us and we aren’t stopping! We’re going to continue our efforts to raise more money to get the crew, cameras, audio gear, lighting equipment, permits that we need to make a high quality documentary that this story deserves. Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or shared our Kickstarter campaign. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Let’s keep going!

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