Kickstarter Update 9/11/14

Here we are, a full week into our Kickstarter campaign for In A Moment: The Johan Aspelin Story, and we’ve already raised $8,457, which is 48% of our goal! This is an amazing feat and one that couldn’t have been done without the help of our 33 backers, or as we at Mighty Myt like to call them, the All Star team.

BUT being that we are at 48%, it means we have 52% of our goal still left to reach and we’re asking YOU for your help. If you’ve already donated, please share the story and our kickstarter campaign. If money is a little tight right now, you can donate $1 or just spread the word. We can’t stress enough how important exposure is; in some cases it can be better than a donation. Maybe you have a rich uncle or grandmother who’s currently deciding what color to paint their new Lamborghini or which island to buy. This would be a perfect time to tell them about In A Moment!

This is a story that has to be told. It’s cautionary, emotional, and quite frankly scary. Getting this out to the masses could help make change and save lives, but it won’t be possible without activism. Thank you to all that have donated, or spread the word or have just shown a general interest in our film. Without you guys, we’re just three filmmakers without an audience.

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