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We¹ve all seen crowd funding campaigns. There¹s a lot out there. Regardless of anyone¹s opinion on them, I¹m here to say that crowdfunding is an amazing tool! If you¹ve built the prototype for the next great invention but don¹t have the means to get it massed produced, what can you do? Well, if you find your target audience, crowd funding can not only bring your dreams to reality, it can have an impact on the world. How great is that? Ok, so now that we all agree crowdfunding is a good thing, I¹m here to tell you about Mighty Myt¹s Kickstarter campaign for our documentary In A Moment: The Johan Aspelin Story. Documentaries aren¹t cheap to make so we¹re reaching out to our target audience for help. And if you¹re reading this post, CONGRATULATIONS, you are part of our target audience! If you¹re a parent, know a parent, have a parent, want to be a parent OR if you¹re just someone who believes in good medical care and/or proper execution of the justice system, this story affects you (alt. will touch a nerve.). If anything, the Aspelin¹s story can show you that in a moment, regardless of how perfect your life is, it can spin out of control and come crashing down. We launched the campaign on September 3rd, and are asking you for your help. And there¹s many ways you can help. Obviously making a donation is our favorite way, but spreading the word of our documentary and campaign is equally if not more important. This story can change the way doctor¹s diagnose child abuse and how the justice system tries those who are convicted of abuse. Who wouldn¹t want to be a part of that?

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