The Controversy Surrounding SBS

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is seen as an act of child abuse which means you or your baby’s caretaker will be seen as a child abuser regardless of what caused it. But did you know that up to a large number of cases turn out to be a misdiagnosis on the doctor’s behalf? The symptoms of SBS are so vague, vast and similar to other health problems (tiredness, loss of appetite, inability to smile, excessive vocalism & laughter, excessive sucking & deep breathing, nausea, fatigue, complete bodily droopiness, and complete bodily stiffness) that they do nothing but kindle the mass amount of misdiagnoses.

Shaken baby syndrome is not always caused by human interaction directly and the law seems to completely ignore this. Bumpy car rides or improperly calibrated baby bouncers can cause the same affects as SBS. The availability of evidence is always very low, sometimes legally too low, yet prosecutions are made and fingers are pointed every time. According to a recent article by Radley Balko of the Washington Post, “New research suggests that most humans aren’t capable of shaking an infant hard enough to produce the symptoms in SBS. It usually takes an accompanying blow to the head.” You have to wonder, where does the line between medical proof and faulty science lie?

It’s time for SBS to be re-evaluated and removed as a diagnosis from the American Association of Pediatrics. But we can’t stop there- the symptoms and causes need to be examined and reconsidered, an assessment by a single pediatrician should never happen, a series of checks and balances needs to be put into place when diagnosing child abuse, and the public needs to be educated. Our film, In A Moment, is a story that is very near and dear to our hearts. Read more about it on our first blog post.

And please check out some further reading on Shaken Baby Syndrome here-

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