Our Upcoming Documentary

Being kept in the dark on life changing topics burden our viewpoints. Challenging stereotypes

and changing our perspective only happens when we know more information from both sides

in every case. This is why it is vital to be informed and aware of important situations that are

occurring every day, so we can be inspired to be better people and speak out for justice.

That being said, over the next several months MiGHTY MYT will strive to engage our current

and new followers with sensitive and important topics. Mainly, as we work on our documentary about Shaken Baby Syndrome, we will enlighten you with a better understanding on the topic and the misguided criminal justice system. Whereas for the most part, hospitals, public health clinics and private practice offices for example are seen as places where people get better and are treated fairly, there are several cases with egregious pediatrician diagnoses with unfortunate outcomes.

Shedding light on the facts and myths of shaken baby syndrome, the criminal justice system,

and medical errors helps everyone improve their views and judgments on this sensitive topics.

We at MiGHTY MYT feel strongly about these issues and wish to provide helpful information

over the next couple of months in attempt to spread awareness and inform everyone who is

willing to listen to the facts and insightful viewpoints.

Who is behind the project?

Jason Crain and Eli Buck stand behind MiGHTY MYT with a yearning to create meaningful

stories. By uncovering the truth, they are able to transcend the trap of public consciousness

when one is accused of a heinous crime.

Director, producer and writer Jason Crain has been bringing imaginations to life for over 15

years in the entertainment industry. Since he positions himself as the listener of the story first

before he tells the story, Jason is able to offer a more unbiased approach to directing while

maintaining a passionate ambition for the cause.

Writer/Producer Eli Buck’s passion for film has rooted him in both New York and LA. It wasn’t

long before Eli connected with Jason at MiGHTY MYT in Los Angeles that they quickly

discovered their complimentary talents. His style works symbiotically with Jason’s passion to

represent the underrepresented, playing an integral role in developing fresh perspective to

story lines.

Follow us on this journey as Jason and Eli unravel complex questions, raise awareness and

humbly serve the subjects of their films.

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