A little more about Jason...


Jason began his career in the entertainment industry at New Line Cinema in New York. While at New Line, he worked on such films as SEVEN, BOOGIE NIGHTS, MAGNOLIA, THE LORD OF THE RINGS and SHINE.


After New Line, Jason gained experience in both the creative and business sideof production at the commercial production company The Film Connexion. It wasn’t long before Jason got behind the camera, making his directorial debut with ESPERANZA!, a short film satirizing the fashion industry.


After 8 years in New York, Jason made the leap to Hollywood. It was this move that helped evolve Jason’s professional career. Soon after arriving in Hollywood, Jason began directing behind-the-scenes music videos for artists like CHRISTINA MILIAN, BLU CANTRELL and KELLY PRICE. His work continued to flourish ultimately securing the role of director on A LIFE’S WORK, starring Linda Bailey Walsh (CBS’ THAT’S LIFE.)


While filming A LIFE’S WORK, Jason had the pleasure of working alongside stellar talent including Producer Jeffrey Reddick (FINAL DESTINATION franchise, TAMARA), Producer Jennifer Shaefer (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, LATTER DAYS), Grammy Award winning music composer Michael Lloyd (DIRTY DANCING, ANGEL EYES) and Academy Award Winning Make-Up Designer Matthew T.Mungle (BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, SCHINDLER’S LIST.)


After A LIFE’S WORK, Jason began focusing on writing and quickly landed a staff writer position on Here! TV’s DANTE’S COVE. Shortly after, he was hired to write BLACK RAIN, a Regent Releasing feature film. With the success of BLACK RAIN, Jason was sought out by independent producer Elana Pianko to write THE PEARL, a true story account of an Eastern European Jewish family surviving New York during the Great Depression. Soon after, Jason produced and directed the 2010 Revival of Mart Crowley’s THE BOYS IN THE BAND, bringing fresh interpretation of this classic text.


Jason is currently directing a documentary about the true-life events of a San Francisco family who lost their infant son in a tragic accident.