Feature Documentary-


In A Moment: The Johan Aspelin Story



IN A MOMENT is the riveting documentary film of Kristian and Jennie Aspelin

who lost their 3-month-old son Johan after a series of tragic events. No parent

should ever have to say a final good-bye to their child - It’s an unimaginable

nightmare. Unfortunately, Kristian and Jennie’s nightmare only got worse.

Two days after Johan was brought to the hospital Kristian was arrested at his

son’s bedside and taken to the San Francisco County Jail. A careless diagnosis

of Shaken Baby Syndrome was attributed to Johan’s injuries and Kristian’s fate

was now in the hands of the criminal justice system. Jennie was left alone to

save the family she had left.

Join us as we share their story of loss, grief and their battle to keep their family

intact and to survive the injustice they endured at the hands of doctors, Child

Protective Services and the District Attorneys of San Francisco.



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